Cook Curry Club at the Local Larder

Why not enjoy an evening river cruise with Blackfeather followed by a scrumptious home-cooked curry either onboard or back at the marina?

We enjoyed a delicious curry at  the Local Larder at Val Wyatt marina on Friday evening. As the sun slowly went down over the English countryside, The Cook Curry Club arrived with a delicious home-cooked Indian for us to tuck into. Included was a selection of wholesome dishes such as chicken pilau with chillies on top, Turka dal and a cool yoghurt raita. Their food is cooked with no artificial flavours or preservatives and even the pots were compostable and biodegradable. It was the perfect way to enjoy a Friday evening with friends.

You too can enjoy what The Cook Curry Club have to offer. If you wish to enjoy one of their curries, register your interest on their website and they will send you the menu options. To find out more about our evening boat cruises, contact us or call 07766880738.